Class of 2017 College Acceptances

Rockbridge Academy seniors have been accepted to the following colleges and universities:

* Ife Ajuwon - Covenant College, Liberty University, UMBC

* Sarah Anderson - Eastern University, Liberty University,

          Lynchburg College, Messiah College  

* Nathan Ault - Georgia Tech, UMBC, Purdue University,

          United States Military Academy

* Taylore Baillie - Liberty University, Messiah College

* Addison Baldridge - Cedarville University, Liberty University, UMBC

* Alex Craig - MIT, University of Maryland (Honors College), NROTC

* Jake Davidson- Liberty University, Messiah College

* Ashley Diekemper - AFROTC, Boston University, University of Denver,

          Loyola University Maryland, Seton Hall University (Honors College)

* Emi England - Grove City College

* Ariel Graham - Frostburg State University, Johnson and Wales University, 

          Mount St. Mary's University, St. Mary's Honors College of Maryland

* Nathan Harrison - Fairleigh Dickinson University, Liberty University,

          Messiah College, University of Rhode Island 

* Hannah Howe - Gordon College, Grove City College, Liberty University

* Jack Jackson - UMBC

* Isaac Kagnew - Liberty University, The University of Denver

* Michael James - Liberty University, UMBC, University of Maryland

* Torry Liebrand - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University,

          Liberty University, Purdue University, UMBC, Virginia Tech

* Annabel Mungan - Cornell University, Grove City College,

          Johns Hopkins University, Lafayette College,

          University of Maryland (Honors College), University of Virginia,

          Villanova University (Honors College)

* Jane Nguyen - University of Maryland

* Teni Ogunsan - Case Western Reserve University, Drexel University,

          George Washington University, Johns Hopkins University,

          Ohio State University, UMD (Honors College), UMBC (Honors

          Program), Penn State Univsersity, University of Pittsburgh

* Amanda Rossi - Cedarville University, Eastern University, Messiah College,

          Penn State University

* Abby Wallen - James Madison University

* Ruth Wilmot - Furman University, Hillsdale College,

          University of Mary Washington, UMD (Honors College),

          University of Richmond


Scholarship offers for the  Class of 2017 as of May 2017 total: