College Counseling


Our Upper School Principal works closely with students and parents throughout the college selection and application process. We desire to help students identify and apply to colleges in which they can continue to grow in their faith, meet their academic and career goals, and prepare for a successful future, regardless of the calling God places before them. We also help families to understand the financial aid and scholarship processes and assess school affordability. Students are encouraged to consider all of these important criteria when they select a college so that they will be content, joyful, and challenged as they live out their faith at college.

We desire all students to prayerfully “own” the process, but we also partner with them through every step of this difficult journey. Students are offered as much assistance as they need, but are strongly encouraged to work with their parents to recognize and embrace their responsibilities in selecting the college they will eventually attend. These shared responsibilities include examining students’ goals, researching colleges that can help achieve those goals, finding Christian ministries of which they can be an active part on campus, visiting campuses and local churches, and completing and submitting the necessary applications.

Director of College Counseling: Mr. Jerry Keehner
Assistant to Director of College Counseling: Mrs. Cindy Davis