Dress Code

Dress Code Philosophy

Rockbridge Academy seeks to glorify God in both the character and culture of the school.  In a culture in which personal expression is exalted, beauty is held in question, and the good of our neighbor is subordinated to the desires of the individual, we stand as ambassdaors for Christ to each other and to a watching world.  Accordingly, the dress code has been established based upon these principles:

- Our attire and grooming should point to the Lord that we serve.

- Our attire and grooming should protray a heart of both modesty and humility.

- Our attire and grooming should reflect respectful conformity to our biological gender.

- Our attire and grooming should not seek to exalt the outward beauty of the individual student but rather seek to invest in and protect each student's virtue and character.

- Our attire and grooming should support the orderly operation of our school.

- Our attire and grooming should willingly conform to the standard, thereby requiring a decreasing level of oversight rather than increased regulation and oversight and the loss of the freedom that we have in Christ.

In summary, we ask that parents and students support a manner of dress and personal grooming that reflects the Christian, classical, and scholarly image of Rockbridge Academy.  Students should appear neat, clean, and modest during the school day, seeking not to distract others or solicit oversight by their appearance.


Rockbridge Academy adopted a new uniform standard effective March 1, 2017.  The new uniform standard includes a Daily Wear option for Upper School students.  Students opting to wear this uniform mus also be prepared for the Dress Day uniform requirement.  The Dress Day uniform is required whenever a student is giving a speech or oral presentation, when going on field trips, and when directed by the principal for appropriate school events.  The new uniform is optional until September 1, 2018.

Students may continue to wear the old uniform until September 1, 2018. It is acceptable to mix and match the elements of the two uniform standards, with a few exceptions:

  • Grammar girls may not wear a red polo shirt or red tights with a skirt or skort in the new McDonald plaid.
  • Upper school ladies may not wear the new plaid skirt or skort with the old navy blazer.
  • Upper school ladies may not wear the old khaki skirt with the new polo.

Purchasing Uniform Clothing Options

All items are to be purchased from Dennis Uniforms or Lands' End (except where noted).  Dennis Uniforms maintains local storefronts, and items may also be ordered online (school code BTAORB).  Discontinued items will continue to be available at Dennis while supplies last, and may be offered at discounted prices.

Several of the new uniform pieces are sold by Lands' End.  Rockbridge Academy's school code with Lands' End is 900030701.  Parents should be aware that Lands' End frequently offers discounts of up to 40% on items at their website, as well as free shipping.

When possible, Rockbridge Academy parents organize uniform clothing exchanges.  Approved uniform clothing items from either the old or the new dress code may be sold at the sale.


Purchase online from Dennis




At the Dennis Uniform Store