Dress Code

Dress Code Philosophy

In a culture where personal expression is exalted, beauty is held in question, and the good of our neighbor is subordinated to the desires of the individual, it is the desire of Rockbridge Academy to glorify God in both the character and culture of the school.  As ambassdaors for Christ to each other and to a watching world, the following principles should guide our choice of attire:

- Our actions and our attire should point to the Lord that we serve.

- Our actions and our attire should protray a heart of both modesty and humility.

- Our actions and our attire should not seek to exalt the outward beauty of the individual student but rather seek to invest in and protect the virtue and character of that portion of the Body of Christ that finds itself at Rockbridge Acadmey.

- Our actions and our attire should support the orderly operation of the school.

- As we seek to invest in each other, our actions and our attire should support a school culture that requires a decreasing level of oversight in contrast to a culture of the infividual that requires increased regulation and oversight and the loss of the freedom that we have in Christ.

In light of the above, we ask that the parents and students support a manner of dress that reflects the Christian, classical, and scholarly image of Rockbridge Academy.  As such, Rockbridge Academy students should appear neat, clean, and modest during the school day, seeking not to distract others or solicit oversight by their appearance.

Purchasing Uniform Clothing Options

All items are to be purchased from Dennis Uniforms (except where noted).  This will ensure uniformity of appearance, consistency and personalization of service, elimination of shipping charges, and minimal administrative oversight of the overall dress code.  All items are available online at dennisuniform.com (School Code BTA0RB) or from the Dennis Uniform store in Millersville. 

Dennis Uniforms
8227 Cloverleaf Drive, Suite 308
Millersville, MD  21108

When possible, Rockbridge Academy parents organize uniform clothing exchanges.  Only approved uniform clothing items may be sold at the sale, including discontinued items that are still permitted to be worn in the classroom (please reference the chart at the end of this section for a listing of these discontinued items).

White sneakers are available from JC Penney and Payless.  New Balance brand comes in a variety of widths.  The internet is useful for identifying solid white sneakers.


Purchase Uniforms On-line




At the Dennis Uniform Store  

8227 Cloverleaf Drive
Suite 308
Millersville, MD  21108.