Fine and Performing Arts

We believe that participation in the arts can be a means of thinking God’s thoughts after Him, and that training students to not only observe and appreciate the fine arts but also actively contribute to them is a worthy academic pursuit. Thus, we do not consider our fine arts classes to be “extra-curricular,” but believe that they play an essential role in the education of our students. We desire to train students who are winsomely creative, consciously bearing the image of their Creator as they lead in the making of culture. We desire to raise young men and women who are both gracious and discerning, and who aspire to both excellence and humility in craftsmanship and performance. To that end, we teach music, art, and drama with the same vigor and joy as all other areas of study, to the glory of God, and for the building of His kingdom.

The Imperative of Beauty in Christian Education

Recently, Rockbridge Academy hosted both a breakfast for pastors and a luncheon for our Grandparents Association, where the pursuit of truth and beauty was discussed. Heidi Stevens, Rockbridge art teacher for grades 4-12, gave a presentation on The Imperative of Beauty in Christian Education. Click here to see this presentation!