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The Little Mermaid Cast

Thank you to all of the students who auditioned for The Little Mermaid

Cast assignments for roles that are double cast are indicated by either an (*) or a (^).  Students who are double cast will perform in the second role listed when not performing their lead role.


Ariel / Alana when not Ariel:  Alysa Fitch* and Lauren Foley^

Eric / Ensemble, Sailor when not Eric:  Ryan McDowell* and Sean Fitch^

Ursula:  Audrey Kawecki

King Triton: Luke Lytikainen

Sebastian: Juliana Schueckler

Flounder / Adrina and Ensemble, Princess when not Flounder: Lilly Foley* and Anna Pasquarelli^

Scuttle: Noelle McDowell

Grimsby / Windward / Triton understudy: Lucas Schueckler

Chef Louis / Ensemble, Sailor:  Katie Trovato

Flotsam / Ursula understudy:  Tomi Akinyelu

Jetsam / Chef Louis understudy: Inga Sohmer

Dance Captain / Attina / Ensemble, Princess:  Morgan Antkowiak

Aquata / Ensemble, Princess:  Jillian Schwartz

Arista / Ensemble, Sailor:  Ruby Furniss

Adella / Ensemble, Maid / Sebastian understudy:  Trinity Jordan

Pilot / Ensemble: Nathan Kawecki


Elijah-Rhys Amissah-Ocran:  Shark, etc.

Chloe Atsinger:  Bubble, Water, etc.

Andrew Ball:  Leeward, Seagull, Sailor, Chef, Grimsby/Windward understudy, etc.

Betsy Anne Ball:  Turtle, etc.

Bailey Boardman:  Chef, Water, etc.

Olivia Crane:  Seagull, Princess, Maid, Water, etc.

Logan Dunfee:  Sailor, Chef, etc.

Abigail Logan:  Sea Anemone, etc.

Eden Logan: Seagull, Princess, Sailor, Chef, Scuttle understudy, etc.

Amelia McDowell:  Seaweed, etc.

Linnea Ramsey:  Sailor

Riley Runge:  Maid, Chef, etc.

Violet Salada:  Maid, Water, etc.

John Schingeck: Seagull, Sailor, etc.