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Rockbridge Academy Volunteers (RAV)

RAV is a new way to connect parents and grandparents to the volunteer needs of Rockbridge Academy.

Volunteering at Rockbridge Academy is a way to serve in this small corner of Christ's kingdom while building bonds with our children, their teachers, and with other families in the community.  A vibrant volunteering program makes for a strong school community.

With the fast pace of today's culture, it is often difficult to connect those who can volunteer even a little bit of their time with the specific needs of the school.  It is our hope that through the RAV webpage, the online form, and the RAV coordinators, we will be able to quickly match volunteers with needs around the school.

Volunteering opportunities have been channeled into four main areas:

  • teacher support
  • fine arts
  • athletics
  • general school service 

Each area has a designated coordinator whose role it will be to connect volunteers with specific needs.  Consider which volunteer areas in which you would like to help and fill out the online form below.  A coordinator will contact you with information. 

Rockbridge Academy Volunteer Survey

Thank you for taking a moment to complete the Rockbridge Academy Volunteers (RAV) Survey. We will use your answers to match our wonderful volunteers to the available opportunities.

First Name
Last Name
Street Address
City, State and Zip Code
What is your relationship to Rockbridge Academy?

If you are a parent or grandparent, please list your Rockbridge Academy students

Child Name 1
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Volunteer Areas

Please select the areas that fit your skills and interest. Use the comment fields to tell us about any special skill or experience you might have that is applicable to an area.


Tell us about yourself

What is your profession? Do you own your own business?
Other comments or information on how you might be able to help out at our school