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9th Grade World War II Day with period costumes
Junior Soiree begins with a meet and greet with local dignitaries
9th Grade World War II Day: Re-enactors describe the soldier's life
Grand Tour: Rising seniors experience Athens from Mars Hill
9th Grade World War II Day: A veteran pilot describes his adventures
Student Archaeology: Digging at Belvoir, Scott's Plantation
9th Grade World War II Day: Belvoir Manor House
Annual History Parade: K-6 students represent their period of historical study
Parent Volunteers on the First Day of School
Outdoor Learning: 4th grade leaf identification day
Annual Upper School Musical or Variety Show
Annual Belvoir 5K Fundraiser
Kindergarten Enrichment at Kinder Farm Park
Field Trips, K-12: Fifth Grade aboard the Schooner Sultana

Learning Requires More Than A Classroom

While the classroom at Rockbridge Academy is a dynamic experience, true learning requires more than just sitting behind a desk. Students at Rockbridge Academy experience history through annual History Feasts and events like the K-6 History Parade or 9th Grade World War II Day.  Our science curriculum leads students to explore their world through events like regular Kindergarten Enrichment visits to Kinder Farm, 4th Grade Leaf Identification Days, or the 10th grade DNA lab day at Owen Science Center. Curricular field trips in grades K-6 range from the 1st grade trip to the St. Mary's City to the annual fifth grade overnight trip to Williamsburg, or the 6th grade trek through the battlefield at Gettysburg.  Upper school experiences like Junior and Senior Soirée prepare students for social skills beyond high school. Meanwhile, day trips to historical and educational sites in the greater metro area culminate in one of the capstones of the Rockbridge Academy experience, the 18-day Grand Tour to Greece and Italy, where rising seniors reflect on their breadth of classical knowledge while being challenged to interact with the wider world.