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Many parents who desire a Rockbridge Academy education are finding it increasingly difficult to transport their children to and from school in the allotted timeframe of the school day and fulfill their job requirements. In keeping with the principle of in loco parentis—that we serve in the place of the parents—and due to the increasing demands on families of dual income households, it seems prudent for Rockbridge Academy to provide the same godly shepherding for your children, as we do during the school day, in a setting of before and after school extended day care. An extended day program is one way in which we can make a classical Christian education more attainable, easing the burden on a family’s already full day.

The Extended Day program provides quality, safe supervision to students of Rockbridge Academy before and after regular school hours. The primary focus of the program is to promote Christ-like social and emotional development of students ages 5-15, along with homework help.

Rockbridge Academy employees run the Rockbridge Extended Day program. It runs in harmony with the Rockbridge Academy school calendar and maintains the same standard of behavior and gospel-centeredness as in the classroom. Frequent communication with parents is the norm. Plenty of opportunities to run, play, and have free time are given to all Extended Day participants, but there is also a focused time of homework completion each afternoon. Teachers and upper school students are readily available to assist children should they have difficulty with certain assignments.