Virtual Open House

What is Rockbridge Academy?

Discover what makes Rockbridge Academy a distinct community seeking to take every thought captive for Christ.

Rockbridge Academy is more than just a K-12 private school.  It is a community of Christian families dedicated to teaching their children how to think by using the classical method.  Watch this video to learn more about the classical Trivium, and to see how a school community centered around the gospel of Jesus Christ becomes fertile soil for joy, wonder, and lifelong learning.

The Trivium

Known as the "three ways," the Trivium is an ancient system of teaching knowledge, understanding, and wisdom in a progression of three educational stages:  Grammar, Dialectic, and Rhetoric.

The Grammar Stage
(K-6th Grades)

The Grammar level teaches the youngest concrete thinkers how to master the facts, rules, and categories of any subject through chant, song, and story, while filling them with a sense of wonder in learning.  Watch as a fourth grade class effectively applies the rules of English grammar through chants and songs.

The Dialectic Stage
(7th-9th Grades)

The Dialectic level capitalizes on the middle school student's inclination to question, and by teaching debate and logic, enables them to analyze arguments and synthesize thought in all subjects.  Watch as an eighth grade student uses formal logic to quickly test the validity of a set of propositions.

The Rhetoric Stage
(10th-12th Grades)

The Rhetoric level recognizes that high school students want to make an impact on their world, so they are equipped to combined grammar and dialectic skills with writing and speaking that is articulate and winsome.  Watch as a Rhetoric student presents how he solved an applied math problem.

Unique Programs at Rockbridge Academy

Kindergarten Enrichment

While Rockbridge Academy is one of the few schools in the area to still offer half-day Kindergarten, we also provide a full-day option for those who need it with our Kindergarten Enrichment program.  See what makes Kindergarten Enrichment at Rockbridge Academy a unique learning experience.

Senior Thesis

The capstone of a Rockbridge Academy education, the Senior Thesis Project, gives seniors the opportunity to delve deeply into a subject of their choice.  A 15- to 20-page position paper, guided by a faculty advisor, gives way to a condensed speech and defense before the school community and a panel of interlocutors.  Watch and be challenged by one example from the Class of 2015.