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Half-Day Kindergarten with Full-Day Option

Rockbridge Academy offers half-day kindergarten in both the morning and afternoon, with a full-day option entitled Kindergarten Enrichment, which complements the half-day program. Students whose parents choose to enroll them in Kindergarten Enrichment will experience enrichment activities and solid, creative reinforcement of Rockbridge Academy's excellent half-day kindergarten program. Parents may choose from five, three, or two day per week options.

Tuition rates for Kindergarten and Kindergarten Enrichment, as well as for grades 1-12, can be found on our Tuition and Fees page.

For more information, contact our Admissions Director Julie Marsh at

Preparing for Kindergarten at Rockbridge Academy

Your child is approaching school age, and you desire to prepare him to enter school. If you have concluded that Rockbridge Academy’s classical and Christian education might be best for your family, please consider the following information carefully. Read more…

Submission of the Kindergarten Reservation Form and the $50 reservation fee places your child on the potential class list up to three years in advance. Applications for admission and the remaining $100 application fee may be submitted in January of the year your child is eligible to enter kindergarten.