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Students are expected to look neat, clean and modest at all times.   Therefore, in addition to the uniform requirements outlined below, the following requirements apply:


  • Hair should be neat and not covering the eyes.  Additionally, hair for boys and young men should not cover the ears or collar. 
  • Heads may not be shaven nor hair dyed, either completely or in part.
  • Young men must remain clean shaven at all times.
  • Hair accessories for girls and young ladies should be simple and match the uniform colors (red, white, black, or neutral).

Personal Adornment

  • Upper school young ladies may wear make-up that is applied modestly.  Girls and young ladies may wear clear nail polish.  French manicures with white tips and clear polish are acceptable.
  • Girls’ and young ladies’ jewelry, if worn, must be simple: hoop earrings larger than a nickel, nose rings, ankle bracelets, choker style necklaces, and multiples of earrings, bracelets and necklaces are not permitted.  Earrings are to be worn only in lobes of ears.
  • Boys and young men may not have piercings or wear choker style necklaces. Boys may wear one wrist bracelet.
  • Tattoos of any kind are not permitted for any students.


  • Students are not permitted to wear outerwear in the building during school hours.  The one exception to this policy is that grammar students may wear outerwear in the cafeteria during lunchtime before going out to recess.
  • Athletes may wear Game Day Attire as defined in the Athletic Handbook on game days only.
  • The uniform red or black fleece jackets and pullovers MAY be worn in the classroom.


  • The hem of all girls’ and young ladies’ skirts and jumpers must be to the top of the knee.  Skorts must be no more than 1" above the knee.  Parents are responsible to monitor the length with growth spurts.
  • Grammar girls are required to wear black bike shorts (may be purchased anywhere) under skirts and jumpers.
  • Undershirts that show must be solid white or black.  Students should wear white or skin-toned garments under the white blouse or white dress shirt.
  • The standard for cleanliness includes bathing and deodorant.  All students are exhorted to do their part to keep our school smelling good as well as looking good.
  • Shirts and blouses are required under sweaters, fleece, and blazers.