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"During class visits and [through] relationships at Rockbridge, we see an organization that strengthens and encourages the student body with the love that a full understanding of in loco parentis brings."  -- Rockbridge parent

The Process


The application is online. Please submit one application for each student seeking admission. There is a $85 non-refundable application fee per applicant for the first two applicants, and $25 for any additional applicants in one family. Once a family has created an account, they will have a checklist that guides them through the steps necessary to complete the application. The application deadline for the priority round for admission is January 15th. After decisions are announced in February, Rockbridge Academy will move to rolling admissions until all the seats for filled. 


Upon submission of a complete application, application fee, and supporting documents, a family interview (in-person or using an online video platform) will be arranged. Both parents and the applicant(s) are to attend the interview.


All academic testing will be administered and proctored by the admissions director beginning in January. See below for more details for Kindergarten and transfer applicants. There is no testing fee for entrance to Rockbridge Academy. All students to be tested must submit an application for admission. 


After completion of the family interview and academic testing, the decision for acceptance or denial will be made by the Admissions Committee. We seek students of exemplary character who demonstrate the ability to thrive in an academically rigorous program and show potential for servant-leadership and whose parents' goals and values align with those of the school.  Additionally, we require every student to be academically ready for the Rockbridge Academy curriculum, which may include completion of necessary remedial work with a Rockbridge tutor. Once a student has been offered admission to Rockbridge Academy, parents will have two weeks to accept the offer and submit their deposit to secure the student's seat. 


Student Academic Requirements


Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten?

The classroom serves as a wonderful place for behavioral and relational skills to grow while building knowledge, academic proficiency, community, friendships, confidence, compassion, forgiveness, and a love for one another and for God. We recognize that each child grows and matures at different rates, and we use generally accepted milestones to indicate readiness to learn in a classroom environment. The following developmental markers serve as guidelines that may help your child transition successfully to kindergarten. 

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Transfer Students

Applicants to grades 1 and higher will be given an admissions test to determine basic skill levels and grade placement. Every applicant must successfully pass the entrance tests for reading, math, and English, and complete any necessary remedial work before being admitted to the school.

Supplemental Required Documents

  • Student records, including, but not limited to, student report cards, birth certificate, and standardized test results.
  • Homeschool coursework summaries of the most recent two previous years.
  • For applicants applying to 5th grade and higher, a handwritten, one- to two-paragraph essay entitled, “Why I Want to Attend Rockbridge Academy.” Shadow days or tours are highly recommended to inform the applicant's essay.

Is Rockbridge Academy a good fit?

In Loco Parentis

We believe that the Bible clearly instructs parents, not the church or state, to "bring children up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord" (Ephesians 6:4). As a school, we operate “in loco parentis,” or in the place of the parents, providing an educational service to families. Therefore, we seek to teach and discipline in a manner consistent with the Bible and a godly home environment, coming alongside parents who are intent on fostering a life of faith in Christ in their children with accompanying habits of diligence, obedience, scholarship, and grace.

Is Rockbridge Academy a good fit for our family? 

  • Do we understand the goals and objectives of classical Christian education? 
  • Is our primary interest the curriculum and the application of a Christian worldview? 
  • Do we believe the Bible? Do we read and study it? 
  • How does my child respond to authority? Does he/she demonstrate self-control and respect for others?
  • Do we understand what the Bible has to say about communication? Do we desire to communicate biblically with families, teachers, and administrators? 
  • Is our primary assessment of our child's success measured in grades and awards, or in a job well done? 
  • If transferring from another school or entering from home school, are we prepared for a difference in academic standards, discipline, and curriculum?