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Tuition Affordability

Rockbridge Academy seeks to enroll families who are committed to the mission and vision of the school and who desire their children be educated in the classical Christian tradition.  The Tuition Affordability program makes a Rockbridge Academy education more accessible for more families by identifying a personalized, affordable tuition that represents a sustainable commitment for a family based upon family size and finances.

All families are encouraged to apply if they think they might qualify.  Families who might not normally be eligible for traditional tuition assistance may qualify for a modest discount.  The Tuition Affordability grants are limited by the constraints of a sustainable budget and donations received to support the program.  Families must re-apply each year, and the school recommends submitting applications by December 15.  Grant & Aid notifications for returning families who have applied by the December 15 should be available by January 15.

New families are encouraged to apply at the time of application.  New families that apply for Tuition Affordability by January 15 will receive a Tuition Affordability determination at the same time as the offer of admission.

Apply for the Tuition Affordability program by accessing Facts Grant & Aid below.  The Grant & Aid application will request certain financial information including the most recent W-2’s and prior year tax returns.  Your application is then summarized objectively and securely for review by the school.  Your privacy and the protection of your data is our concern throughout this process.  If there is information that is unavailable at the time your application is submitted, you may add it at a later date.


Tuition Affordability Program Policies

Apply Annually:  Tuition grants do not renew automatically and must be applied for each year.

Payment of prior-year tuition:  Existing tuition accounts must be current.  Tuition grants will be revoked if the prior year account is not paid in full before the first day of school.

Completeness of Application:  Rockbridge Academy uses the FACTS Grant & Aid system to receive Tuition Affordability applications. The application form must be complete, and all available tax forms submitted before an application will be considered. Since the recommended submission dates are before W-2s are received, it is expected that the most recent W-2 will be added to the application as soon as it is available.  Where the application is unclear, additional information may be requested.  Failure to submit all required documentation may result in forfeiture of the grant.

Appeals: A grant determination may be appealed. An appeal must be in writing and should present new or different information. Written appeals should be made to the headmaster with factual clarity and dispassion.

Withdrawals: The grant amount accrues to the student account at the same rate as the family pays tuition. If a student withdraws from school during the year, or is expelled, the remaining grant will be revoked.

Mid-year Financial Hardship: Funds are reserved for hardship needs that may arise during the course of the school year. If a family experiences a financial disruption mid-year and funds are still available, the application will be considered.

Change in Financial Circumstances: Parents should expect to pay more toward their children’s tuition if their financial situation improves during the year so that more eligible families may be served by the program. Therefore, parents must notify the school if the family’s financial condition changes during the year. Failure to comply will affect eligibility for further assistance.

Confidentiality:  Strict confidentiality will be maintained throughout the entire application process. This includes information submitted to FACTS as well as any communication made directly to the school. Confidentiality extends to all documents submitted, including tax returns and personal financial data.

Non-discrimination:  All grants are made without regard to race, color, national, or ethnic origin.

Divorce or Separation:  In the case of divorce or separation, both parents must complete a FACTS Grant & Aid application.

Rockbridge Academy utilizes the services of FACTS GRANT & AID to collect and evaluate Tuition Affordability application information.

Click the FACTS logo to create an account to begin your GRANT & AID application.