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2020 Musical: The Little Mermaid

That's right, Rockbridge Academy is going under the sea for our next musical! Most all of you probably know the story, and have seen the Disney version. Hold tight, though--we are going to dig deep into the origins of the original story that originated in Holland and was first published by Hans Christian Anderson. This production will feel both unique and familiar, as we put a vintage visual twist on the characters and music that we all know and love. This Little Mermaid will be fun for the whole family, a treat for the eyes, the ear, and the heart!

Tickets are now on sale! Click on the image to purchase.

Show times are as follows, with the particular cast for that show designated by the * or ^ (see Cast List for more details on who is in which cast):

Thursday, February 27, at 7:30 PM*
Friday, February 28, at 7:30 PM^
Saturday, February 29, at 2 PM^ and 7 PM*

All performances will be at the Evergreen Campus, 680 Evergreen Road, Crownsville, MD.

Ticket prices:

Reserved Adult (19 years and older) - $15
Reserved Student (6-18 years) - $12
Reserved Child (5 years and younger) - $8
General Admission Adult (19 years and older) - $12
General Admission Student (0-18 years) - $8


Rockbridge Remembers

Rockbridge Remembers...and What an Evening It Was This Past February!

Thank you to John Daly for capturing the evening in these lovely photos. Thank you to all of our out-town-guests and the creative team and parents and students who worked so hard to put on a great show.

God is about the business of transforming hearts, building community, and helping us see our need for Him and others, even in and through the variety show.

From Producer, Mandy Ball:  "The unseen but beautiful work of the variety show happens when we come to Saturday rehearsals when every bone in our bodies cry out to stay in bed, care about classmates and adults in charge enough to apologize when we make the wrong choices, respond in humility to changes to an act on which we have labored for months, choose to see the Imago Dei in someone who has not met our expectations during the process, and see the needs of others and step in to meet them as the hands and feet of Christ."

Rockbridge Academy Presents!

The Rockbridge Academy drama program is designed to give students an in depth understanding of what it takes to bring a full-length musical, or musical variety production, to completion. Students learn the value of godly character, hard work, and cooperation as they go from initial auditions and read-throughs, to the final curtain, always encouraged to keep in mind standards of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty (Phil. 4:8). In addition, musical stage productions serve a distinctive role in giving "flesh" to the concept of rhetoric. Students use their talents to persuade and articulate in a way that a traditional class never could. Students are encouraged to be part of the stage crew if that is where their particular gifts and talents lie.

Typically, students perform a full-length musical and a student-led Variety Show in alternating years. Last year, Rockbridge Academy performed Rockbridge Remembers to rave reviews!