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A K-12 Classical Christian School
Serving the Annapolis Area
Pursuing Goodness, Truth, Beauty
Exploring Beauty and Order
Learning by Active Participation
Serving and Honoring Others
Educating the Whole Person
Competing to the Glory of God

Rockbridge Academy is a K-12 classical Christian school serving the Annapolis area (including Baltimore and Washington, DC). We were established in 1995 as one of the very first classical Christian schools in the nation and have lead the way since in classical Christian pedagogy. Though excellence in educational training is clear through the academic results of our students, the heart of our mission is and ever will be an unwaveringly Christ-centered focus where students are prepared, not just for a vocation, but for a life-long journey with Christ.  

  • At Rockbridge Academy, we take a deliberate approach to helping our students see Christ ruling over every thought, every subject, every historical moment. This is a responsibility that we don't take lightly and something we cannot do alone. By God's grace, the support of an all-Christian faculty who prays together each day for one another and for our students helps keep our eyes set on Christ. We acknowledge our dependence on Christ and make an effort to point our students to Him daily. 

  • Registration is now open for our Discover Summer programs. How will you and your children engage your minds and cultivate a love of learning this summer? Take a look at our summer offerings. Parents, you join us for our Summer Teacher Training to grow your vision for classical Christian education! 

    For details of courses and to register, click here. 

  • A feast for the eyes and ears, indeed! 

  • National Merit Recognition

    Congratulations to Ben Ault, Alanna Craig, Jillian Schwartz, and Ryan McDowell who have been recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Program. Ryan McDowell has been named a semifinalist. 

    The NMSP recognizes the top 1-3% of the highest scorers in the nation for those who take the PSAT in their junior year. Most schools reflect the national percentage of 1-3% (at best). At Rockbridge Academy, these 4 out of 30 students in the graduating class reflect over 13%. Last year, nearly 17% of our graduates were recognized by the NMSP. Our average SAT score over 2017, 2018, and 2019 is 1312. 

    What makes a Rockbridge education so unique when we do not teach to the test? Come. Ask. Discover. 

    Our integrated, classical, Christian approach aims to graduate students who love Christ first and foremost and are equipped to move into their next steps (whether college or the workplace). Clearly they are well-equipped academically, a natural fruit of the classical method. To God be the glory. 

    Read more about our vision for our students, staff, parents, and community here. 

    Click here for our testing and scholarship summaries. 

  • A Charge to Laugh Well

    Pastor Unthank was asked to give the charge at the end-of-year Awards Assembly. Enjoy his exhortation to laugh.

    In Jesus Christ, our future is set—there is a glorious inheritance to be enjoyed, unending joy with Christ, laughing as we inevitably will be around the table and feast which Revelation calls the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. No matter how dark the world around us gets, no matter how interesting our era becomes, remember Christ and look forward to Christ and in him find true joy. Laugh well and laugh often!

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  • The 5th grade Colonial Ball is one of the most anticipated feasts of the year in the K-6 grammar years.

    Learning activities outside the classroom like feasts and field trips bring history to life. Our 5th graders get to sail the shores of the Chesapeake Bay on the Sultana and also participate in an overnight field trip to Colonial Williamsburg. 

    Read more about student life in Beyond the Classroom here

  • Celebrating 25 Years and a New Building!

    Rockbridge Academy celebrates our 25th year and the opening of our new campus at 680 Evergreen Road in Crownsville, MD. 

    What does an educational model from 500 hundred years ago have to do with a 1349 average SAT score today, an 18-day capstone trip through Greece and Italy, a 25-year anniversary, and new building?

    Find the answers here! 

    These are exciting times to visit and learn more about the classical Christian education model--one of the fastest growing movements among believers in the last 30 years. Rockbridge Academy is one of the oldest and most established classical Christian schools in the country.

  • The Woodbridge Classic

    Bringing Some Rockbridge to the Woodbridge

    by Natalie Watson, Rockbride Journalism Student and Cross Country Runner

    The Rockbridge varsity cross-country team traveled to Los Angeles, CA, from September 19-21 to run in the Woodbridge Classic, a nationally acclaimed annual meet with over 15,000 runners and 400 teams present. As the only MD team to participate in the history of the Woodbridge meet, the team witnessed beautiful running. When the 2018 varsity girls’ cross-country team won the small school division in the Maryland Private School State Championship last year, no one expected to wind up in California at a national invitational 10 months later.

    The article continues with more photos here! 

  • HomeComing and ComingHome

    Thanks be to God for a wonderful dedication weekend full of celebrations, great homecoming games, a festive pep rally, a tree planting ceremony, beautiful fall weather, and prayers for the next 10 years. 

    Great photos and more here. 

    Photo credit: John Daly

  • HomeComing and ComingHome

    Come out and join us on October 11th and 12th for our Homecoming and Cominghome dedication weekend!

    Friday night we will hold our Homecoming games under the lights at Old Mill High School at 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM (girls' and guys' games respectively). 

    Saturday night we will have a special dedication ceremony and a tour of the Evergreen Campus (680 Evergreen Road, Crownsville, MD 21032). We thank the Lord for establishing our steps for 25 years and invite everyone to join us for this historic evening.  

    RSVP to our Coming Home Dedication Ceremony HERE!

  • Family Worship

    How does your family engage in family worship? Honestly, it is a struggle for many, if not most, families. First of all, how does one even lead a family worship time? How do we carve out time for this? Is it really worth fighting for that time? Why do it? 

    Jay Mitchell, our former board chairman, shares how he persisted through the years with 8 children and now 12 grandchildren. 

    Read the full article here. 

  • Reading Original Sources

    By Denise Hollidge, Grammar School Principal

    During my many years at Rockbridge Academy, I’m often asked what curriculum we use for science, history, math, or Bible. While we provide many resources to our teachers and have a few typical textbooks for occasional student use, for the most part we use original sources. An original or primary source is evidence from the past. For example, diaries, letters, constitutions, wills, naturalization papers, treaties, and military papers are all primary source documents. A secondary source is developed from primary sources. It tries to make sense of the past and can be very helpful, but our bias is to encourage our students to go ad fontes. Ad fontes is the Latin phrase which means “to the sources.”

    Read more!

  • Hear the latest on our Evergreen Campus Fund.

    We have been praying for and seeking $3 million in pledges and 100% participation from our community.  So far, we are grateful to announce that we have reached $2.35 million in pledges and 70% participation from our community! If you have not yet participated, please help bring our 70% up to 100%! 

    Click here for information on ways to pledge and give.

  • A recap of MUSE and pictures from the evening captured by Mr. John Daly. 


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