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  • A Home of Our Own!

    Pictured here are the Indian Creek and Rockbridge Academy chairpersons, heads of school, and financial adminstrators at the signing ceremony, as Rockbridge Academy purchases the campus at Evergreen Road. 

    Wednesday, January 16, 2019: It was a great day! It was a truly historic day. This day marked the completion of the closing on the Evergreen property, making Rockbridge Academy and its community the proud and grateful owners of our own school building and campus.

    After months of planning, negotiations, fund raising, and due diligence, a three-day closing process came to a successful conclusion. As a result, the Lord has provided a campus of approximately 18 acres and 80,000 square feet of space allowing Rockbridge Academy a place to flourish, with an even greater promise to impact the lives of children, families, the church, and the greater culture in the years to come.

    Rockbridge Academy is extremely blessed to be able to move so quickly into a turn-key campus at reasonable cost, and we are thankful for the unique opportunity to partner with Indian Creek School to ultimately land both institutions on their own respective campuses. Already, we have been enjoying a thriving and mutually encouraging relationship with Indian Creek, working together to hammer out the details of a co-location agreement as Indian Creek leases back part of the Evergreen Campus until their building campaign is complete. With this in mind, we would like to publicly thank Rick Branson, ICS head of school, Linda Dennison, ICS deputy-head and CFO, Diana Ortiz, ICS director of operations, and Lynn Sullivan, board chair, for their tireless labor with us over the many months leading up to today. We look forward to a flourishing relationship as we share the facility over the next couple years.



  • Thursday, January 24, 2019

    JOIN US for our Community Symposium

    Rockbridge Academy welcomes Dr. Gregory Thornbury, Vice President of The New York Academy of Art. 

    "Walking with God Through the Corridors of Power"

    Even the most dedicated parents wonder, "Is my investment in Christian education for my child really that important?" Dr. Thornbury says that the answer is an emphatic "yes." Come hear him share why a Christ-centered curriculum is the necessary prerequisite preparation for service at the highest levels of our culture and society. 

    Thursday, January 24, 2019 at 7:30

    LOCATION:  K-3 Campus, 1485 Waterbury Road, Crownsville, MD


  • Walk-in Wednesdays! 

    Each Wednesday starting at 9:00 AM. Or schedule an individual tour that works best with your schedule!

    Missed our Preview Night? No problem. Every Wednesday you're welcome to stop by our school and see our students and classrooms in action! Come and learn about Rockbridge Academy! What makes us distinctively classical and unwaveringly Christian? Do you have questions about classical education? What makes classical education so different? How does it work? How do we shepherd hearts? How do we inspire students to be leaders? How do we approach math and science? What is a Grand Tour? Learn more!

  • Why Memorize?

    By Denise Hollidge, Grammar School Principal

    “Memory is the scribe of the soul,” says Aristotle, and though this scribe called ‘memory’ stores up the bits and pieces of what makes up our lives, memorization has fallen on hard times. Memorization is the activity of the mind to learn something so well that it can be written or recited without thinking. While memorizing Latin verb conjugations or a poem may not seem like an important or valuable achievement, it is training your child’s brain to remember better and creating a reservoir of beauty upon which to reflect. Information that is memorized, rather than crammed for a data dump on the next day’s test, is retrievable and useful for the future..."

    Read more!

  • Hear the latest on our Evergreen Campus Fund.

    We have been praying for and seeking $3 million in pledges and 100% participation from our community.  So far, we are grateful to announce that we have reached $2.35 million in pledges and 70% participation from our community! If you have not yet participated, please help bring our 70% up to 100%! 

    Click here for information on ways to pledge and give.

  • A recap of MUSE and pictures from the evening captured by Mr. John Daly.