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  • Registration is now open for our Discover Summer programs. How will you and your children engage your minds and cultivate a love of learning this summer? Take a look at our summer offerings. Parents, you might find something to grow your vision for classical Christian education! 

    For details of courses and to register, click here. 

  • Walk-in Wednesdays

    Walk-in Wednesdays! 

    Each Wednesday starting at 9:00 AM. Or schedule an individual tour that works best with your schedule!

    Missed our Preview Night? No problem. Every Wednesday you're welcome to stop by our school and see our students and classrooms in action! Come and learn about Rockbridge Academy! What makes us distinctively classical and unwaveringly Christian? Do you have questions about classical education? What makes classical education so different? How does it work? How do we shepherd hearts? How do we inspire students to be leaders? How do we approach math and science? What is a Grand Tour? Learn more!

  • Summer Teacher Training 2019
    Rockbridge Academy Summer Teacher Training

    Rockbridge Academy Summer Teacher Training 2019

    Save-the-Dates! July 16-19, 2019


    Click here to REGISTER! 

    Since 1995, Rockbridge Academy has placed a priority on training teachers in the art and practical skills of teaching through a classical and Christian framework. 

    Come be refreshed, find encouragement, renew your vision, and acquire or improve your skills as classical and Christian educators and administrators. 


    Click here for MORE INFORMATION: hotel, testimonials, etc.


    This training is endorsed by the Association of Classical Christian Schools, and certificates will be distributed at the conclusion of the training. 

    Registration opens on February 19, 2019. Fees have not increased for over 5 years. 

    The deadline for all registrations is July 12th. Registration fees must be received by June 28th to receive the discount. 
    • Registration fees received by June 28th: $290 per person (3 or more per school, $275 per person)
    • Registration fees received after June 28th: $320 per person (no discount for multiple attendees)
    *All fees are non-refundable


    Location: Bay Area Community Church, Annapolis, MD with a special Thursday session at nearby St. John's College (est. 1696 as America's third oldest college) in the historic downtown of Annapolis, MD. 

    • Daily plenaries and seminar-style workshops. 
    • An extended 7-Laws Practicum session.
    • Integrated colloquium day in historic Annapolis.
  • Family Worship

    How does your family engage in family worship? Honestly, it is a struggle for many, if not most, families. First of all, how does one even lead a family worship time? How do we carve out time for this? Is it really worth fighting for that time? Why do it? 

    Jay Mitchell, our former board chairman, shares how he persisted through the years with 8 children and now 12 grandchildren. 

    Read the full article here. 

  • Spring Open House

    Join us on Monday, March 18th for our Open House! Come meet teachers and experience classical Christian education in action. 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM at our Main Campus (911 Generals Highway, Millersville, MD). 

    This is an exciting time to be a part of Rockbridge Academy! Come hear about our NEW EVERGREEN CAMPUS! 

    Explore other ways to visit our school. 

    Parents and students are welcome to come. Peruse our curriculum, learn about the Grand Tour, and ask questions about how classical Christian education really works. A proven methodology, an extraordinary education.  

  • Axis Ministries
    AXIS Ministries Parent Presentation


    Due to an unexpected weather related delay, Axis Ministries is unable to make it out at all. 

    All parent presentations are CANCELLED and the day time presentations to students have also been CANCELLED. 

    We hope to find a time to reschedule with Axis. Meanwhile, we recommend that you sign-up for The Culture Translator. "The Culture Translator provides weekly insight into how pop culture, technology, and media are influencing your students while equipping you to start biblically based conversations."

  • Reading Original Sources

    By Denise Hollidge, Grammar School Principal

    During my many years at Rockbridge Academy, I’m often asked what curriculum we use for science, history, math, or Bible. While we provide many resources to our teachers and have a few typical textbooks for occasional student use, for the most part we use original sources. An original or primary source is evidence from the past. For example, diaries, letters, constitutions, wills, naturalization papers, treaties, and military papers are all primary source documents. A secondary source is developed from primary sources. It tries to make sense of the past and can be very helpful, but our bias is to encourage our students to go ad fontes. Ad fontes is the Latin phrase which means “to the sources.”

    Read more!

  • Rockbridge Remembers

    ROCKBRIDGE REMEMBERS...Celebrating our Future with a Walk Down Memory Lane


    **Don't miss the video of variety show memories starting at 7:00 PM on Friday and 6:30 PM on Saturday! 


    Chesapeake Arts Center (CAC)*
    Friday, March 1, 2019 @ 7:30 PM
    Saturday, March 2, 2019 @ 7:00 PM
    ***Featuring special guests from Rockbridge past both evenings!***

    Click here to purchase tickets!  


    Ticket prices: 
    Adults 18 and up: $15.00
    Youth ages 9-17: $13.00
    Children ages 8 and under: $8.00
    Special pricing for Rockbridge Academy alumni. Please contact Sonmin Crane at: for more information. 
    The goal of this year's production is to celebrate God's goodness to Rockbridge Academy from the school's beginning in 1995 to the exciting future at the Evergreen Campus. 
    Come join alumni, former families, former teachers, and other special guests as Rockbridge Remembers. 

    Schedule of Events:

    6:00 PM...Pre-show coffee reception with special guests including the McKennas, the Janikowskys, the Horsts, and more. Please RSVP when you purchase your tickets if you plan to attend. 
    7:00 PM...Doors open and video of variety show memories begins!
    7:30 PM...Variety Show begins
    9:00 PM...Lobby greetings with memorabilia on display
    6:30 PM...Doors open and video of variety show memories begins!
    7:00 PM...Variety Show begins
    8:30 PM...Lobby greetings with memorabilia on display
    9:00 PM...After-Party at Five Guys Burgers and Fries**


    Click here for more information about the show and our drama program. 

    *Chesapeake Arts Center (CAC)
    194 Hammonds Lane
    Brooklyn Park, MD  21225
    **Five Guys Burgers and Fries
    6711 Ritchie Highway
    Glen Burnie, MD  21061


  • Thursday, January 24, 2019

    JOIN US for our Community Symposium

    Rockbridge Academy welcomes Dr. Gregory Thornbury, Vice President of The New York Academy of Art. 

    "Walking with God Through the Corridors of Power"

    Even the most dedicated parents wonder, "Is my investment in Christian education for my child really that important?" Dr. Thornbury says that the answer is an emphatic "yes." Come hear him share why a Christ-centered curriculum is the necessary prerequisite preparation for service at the highest levels of our culture and society. 

    Thursday, January 24, 2019 at 7:30

    LOCATION:  K-3 Campus, 1485 Waterbury Road, Crownsville, MD


  • Hear the latest on our Evergreen Campus Fund.

    We have been praying for and seeking $3 million in pledges and 100% participation from our community.  So far, we are grateful to announce that we have reached $2.35 million in pledges and 70% participation from our community! If you have not yet participated, please help bring our 70% up to 100%! 

    Click here for information on ways to pledge and give.

  • A recap of MUSE and pictures from the evening captured by Mr. John Daly.